iOS 15 Public Beta Download

iOS 15 Public Beta Download

iOS 15 Public Beta Download. All Apple users will be able to officially install the iOS 15 update on their iPhones in June 2021. We explain how you can download and install the public beta.

Do you want to finally try out the new features of iOS 15 yourself? Then you can start now: Apple published the first public beta of the new version of its mobile operating system on Friday night. iOS 15 is not yet offered via the normal update function, but don’t worry: We’ll show you how to easily install the beta version on your device for free.

iOS 15 Beta Release Date: June 7

iOS 15 Beta Supported Devices

Not all Apple hardware is compatible with the new operating system. The following devices are running in beta with the new iOS 15:

  • 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max
  • SE 2020
  • XS and XS Max
  • XR
  • X
  • 8 and 8 Plus
  • 7 and 7 Plus

Archive data via iTunes backup

The beta version of iOS 15 is anything but error-free at this point. You should therefore make a backup of your data via iTunes so that no photos, videos, emails or other data are irretrievably gone after a crash. If you prefer, you can of course make the backup via the iCloud.

Registration for public beta program required

To get access to iOS 15 before the official release, you’ll need to register for Apple’s public beta program. Open the website in the browser of the respective device – there you can easily log in with an existing Apple ID or register a new Apple ID. You will now be shown a page on which you scroll to the point “Start” and click on “Register your iOS device”.

Configuration profile enables the device for beta

On the next page you scroll to point two called “Load profile”. A configuration profile can now be downloaded via the associated button, which informs the Apple servers that beta software will also be displayed on the device when updates are available. Simply click on “Install” in the top right corner and enter the lock code.

After you have agreed to the conditions, the process continues with a restart – afterwards you can find an update as usual under “Settings> General> Software update”. This is the “iOS 15 Public Beta”. This can be downloaded and installed like a normal iOS update.

Bugs are fixed with an update

As a rule, Apple publishes various other versions after the first public beta, which are made available regularly every few weeks. So it’s best to check every now and then whether there is an update for your freshly installed iOS 15.

Downgrade from iOS 15

If you are tired of the public beta of iOS 15 or find that the trial version still contains too many bugs, you can downgrade back to an iOS 13 version. This is where the backup comes into play, which you hopefully created before installing the beta:

  1. Connect the iOS device to a computer and start iTunes
  2. Put the device in the maintenance state
  3. Reset iPhone / iPad with iTunes
  4. Sign in with Apple ID and restore backup


  • Not every Apple device is compatible with iOS 15, check our list to see if yours is suitable for the update
  • Make a backup of your data in iTunes or iCloud, thebeta version is far from free of errors and can theoretically crash at any time
  • You have to register for the public beta program with your Apple ID. To do this, go to
  • A configuration profile must be downloaded so that the device receives the unofficial updates
  • After a restart, the update to iOS15 works like any other system update
  • New versions will be released regularly until iOS15 is free of errors

iOS 15Beta Profile Download

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